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CBC NXNW: A Season in Chezgh’un

February 10, 2024|Categories: Audio, Interviews|Tags: , , , , , |

Acclaimed Cree author Darrel J. McLeod joins Margaret Gallagher in the NXNW studio to talk about his debut novel, A Season in Chezgh’un, which follows a young Indigiqueer man taking on the role of school principal in a remote northern Dakelh community. Taking place over the course of a single year, the novel explores the indomitable spirit of the Dakelh culture, the splendour of nature, and a struggle with identity and connection to surroundings. LISTEN NOW→

The BC Review: Challenging ‘what the white man want’

February 10, 2024|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , |

It is a real gift for an author to offer his readers a novel that is both memorable and timely. A Season in Chezgh’un by Sooke’s Darrel McLeod is exactly such a gift, arriving at a period in our history when the multiple, raw issues surrounding Indigenous people of Canada in general, and British Columbia in particular, loom large in the public mind. READ FULL REVIEW→

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand: Public lecture, reading, interview

February 10, 2024|Categories: Events, Interviews, Lectures, Readings, Video|Tags: , , |

Darrel McLeod gives a special lecture, reads a section from Mamaskatch, and discusses some of the themes covered in the book as well as the impact his book has had on its readers to date. BALAC is Thailand’s first undergraduate program in cultural studies at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Arts. From November 2019, Sessions One and Two below.

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